Charlie hunnam who is he dating

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After a brief courtship of only a few weeks, they decided to kick caution to the wind and get hitched in a Las Vegas ceremony.They stayed married for three years, and it seems like it was not the best three years of their lives as the memories of the ordeal still make Hunnam wince.

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For now he’s got a real-life romance to think about. Hunnam has already succeeded in surprising the public in many ways.First, his story about getting married in Vegas when he was 18 was surprisingly sweet.He’s been dating Mcnelis, a jewelry designer, for more than a decade. To me, deciding to have children is the big, big commitment. When he does eventually pop the question, it won’t be in a public place. He was married previously to actress Katharine Towne, whom he met at a “Dawson’s Creek” audition.

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