Chris brown denies dating rihanna

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There was no flirting.’It was claimed yesterday that Brown threatened to kill Rihanna during the alleged row that ensued.American website also reported that the couple argued over a text message Brown received from a mystery woman.

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While some fans praised Brown for his honesty in regard to his past romance with Karrueche, others criticized Chris Brown for continuing to bash Tran despite expressing his desire to move on from his former relationship with the model.Concert organisers in Malaysia announced yesterday that the singer had postponed her Friday gig in Kuala Lumpur and her record label pulled the plug on her lavish 21st birthday party which was set to take place in New York next week.Police confirmed on Tuesday that the victim of the assault - who they have not officially named - was heard screaming on the emergency call made to the police.The list of my mistakes are a mile long on my end.” Chris Brown continues his response by acknowledging that he’s not “bashing” Karrueche Tran in “KAE,” noting that he’s merely “expressing that I’m not familiar with who the other person is anymore at this point in my life. On Tuesday, Jas Prince took to Instagram to promote an “official ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Antidote’ certified platinum party” alongside a promotional photo of Travis Scott, prompting Chris Brown to respond to Prince’s post with a “smiling poop emoji.” While rumors instantly began circulating that Chris Brown was dissing Travis Scott given the rapper’s rumored relationship with Rihanna, Chris Brown shut down the speculation in an Instagram comment telling fans to “chill” while admitting that he’s not concerned with who his exes are dating. Leona Lewis has denied claims it was a conversation with Chris Brown that prompted his alleged row with girlfriend Rihanna.

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