Dhcp not updating dns

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This is not the case with other computers on the network which will cause the DNS to update with any change of IP.

I have compared the problematic computer's Host (A) security settings with another computer's Host (A) security settings.

To avoid failed DNS lookups for DHCP-registered clients when static DNS service is in effect, do the following steps: Wherever possible, upgrade or replace older, static-based DNS servers with DNS servers supporting updates.

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When a qualified DNS client (such as a computer running Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista®) issues an update, DHCP servers running Windows Server 2008 process the update to determine in which of three ways the server will initiate updates on behalf of the client: The ability to register both A and PTR resource records enables a DHCP server to act as a proxy for clients running other operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows 98, for the purpose of DNS dynamic update registration.The ability to register both A and PTR type records lets a DHCP server act as a proxy for clients using Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 for the purpose of DNS registration.DHCP servers can differentiate between Windows 2000 and other clients.I matched them up exactly except for giving the respective computers full control of the Host (A)s.The only way to update the DNS after the DHCP has issued it an IP address is to do an ipconfig /registerdns.

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