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So was the ringleader of the Newark schoolyard shootings.

Those who profit off money bail want to be able to go into other states and say the company that created the risk assessment we're using is being sued for product liability.

'Dog the Bounty Hunter' sues Chris Christie "Dog" actually has nothing to do with this lawsuit, which is bankrolled by a parasitic company feeding off the bail industry, Nexus Services.

It's run by a couple of ex-cons with a history of exploiting defendants. Their suit, filed in her name against the Christie administration, claims her son never would have died had his shooter - a repeat offender - not been let out of jail, thanks to bail reform.

And it was money bail that let dangerous people back onto our streets.

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You don't have her drop you off at my house; you don't have her picked you up in my house; you don't have her do any favors for you (INAUDIBLE) do with me. ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Robi, what's going on here between father and son? ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well, you know, clearly, the son is sticking it to his father. COLMES: Because the father is saying, "I want you to break up with this girl"? LUDWIG: Well, you know, it's hard for me to know whether he really has negative feelings toward the black race or whether he really has negative feelings about this girl and he just pinned it on that. And Duane didn't choose his workout partner, Nathan Green, because Nathan happens to be black. And, fortunately, Duane is asking himself, because he acknowledges that that is not part of him or the part of him that he wants to embrace at all. CHAPMAN: No (INAUDIBLE) said it was recently, just a while ago. CHAPMAN: No, she didn't, because we've been out of town. Lyssa was there in the parking lot with the black girl, because I'd seen a black girl in the car, but I didn't know it was your girlfriend. The A&E cable network has pulled Duane "Dog" Chapman's television show off the air indefinitely tonight following the release of the phone call between the bounty hunter and his son that was laced with racially charged language. "Hannity & Colmes" tonight has obtained a complete version of that phone call.

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