Dropbox not updating on computer

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" It seems that it’s no longer a new problem for One Drive, Google Drive or even Drop Box users to meet the syncing failure issue in Windows 10.

In the OS the folder under public called "Dropbox" is not the same as the common "Dropbox" web sharing service.This article will guide you to effectively backup and sync files to Google Drive, One Drive or Drop Box without any problems and show you how to repair and fix Google Drive/One Drive/Drop Box not syncing error in Windows 10 with simple clicks. It seemed that the One Drive was dead, having stopped working.So I want to know does anyone of you know how to sync or backup Windows 10 files to One Drive if it fails to sync or stops working?I share an account with my wife, so I could for example uncheck her work folder.Note that unchecking a folder will not delete that folder from the cloud or any other computer: all this does is prevent the given folder from syncing to the computer you’re currently using.

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