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I did also meet my current gf via them, but that was unintentional; when the actual point of the site is secondary to your use of it I think that is a runaway success...[1] pun only slightly intended ;)[2] sorry... Imagine a dating site that you book the date through and only pay for that date. Maybe jump on to the entire group buying bandwagon and find restaurants that may be willing to give you a discount that you can also pass on to the dating couple.

Rings a bell; I remember a similar idea coming up in the past.

I tried a lot of sites, and okcupid was the only one that delivered a satisfying dating experience.

For every person complaining about user-hostile site design, there are three calling it good business sense. I met my wife on okcupid, and I was hopeful okcupid was going to work out for my best friend.

We love to think of startups as vehicles for innovation and change.

But, a liquidation event can often lead to the mission being hurt.

I have ideas of my own, but not confident ones I'd actually risk spending time/money is an intriguing player in this field. Nice way to introduce local deal and minimize the 'stalker' factor.

Apparently, they have a decent base in NY, but currently their Midwest member-base is limited. But, from a "change the world," or "next Big Thing" perspective it's sad to see.

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