Speed dating sarasota fl

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Trends differ significantly based on gender, Black added.

"We're far less likely to get remarried, whereas even if a man gets divorced or widowed, a man is far more likely to stay married or get remarried," Black said.

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So how do the rules of dating change when you’ve recently lost a spouse, suffered through a divorce or just been on your own for quite some time? Donna Lindenau, 70, walked into the event hesitantly.

She recited a joke about a conversation between a recently married 88-year-old man and his friend. " After his friend offers a litany of reasons, the 88-year-old rejects them all and finally says: "Because she can drive at night." "Everybody is an individual," Black said.

"Some people are going to be wanting somebody 24/7 to sleep with every night, some people are looking for travel companions, some people are looking for someone to go out to dinner." The challenge for some women, like 76-year-old Norine Cohen, is meeting someone who makes her feel a certain way.

"One of the main issues at senior dating events can simply be a lack of men, Black said.

Still, not everyone fell into that group, including 91-year-old David Wagner.

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