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However, that pales in comparison to the competition women are in when it comes to sex.One of the most significant issue that I'm hearing these days is how men are not really displaying any romance, and women are feeling increasingly pressured to have sex earlier in the relationship.I should mention that most of my research is based on young women, between 18-28 years of age.Perhaps the situation is different among older crowds.The majority of women I've talked to undertake considerable effort to think about their rivals, and what they will be facing in terms of competition. Well, basically, in today's dating scene, romance has been pushed to the side.Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what girls are made of? Women tend not to display it, and they tell me it's because the men they are meeting don't care about romance at all.Many feel exhausted from all the various activities they undertake to look good and to make themselves seem as desirable as possible.In research, this is called self promotion because one is trying to promote herself as being the best option out there.

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And, because there are only a few good ones out there (at least in their eyes) they don't want to be overly demanding.Many women also feel unsure how to ‘be' when dating - what personality characteristics should they display and hide? Is it ok to be intelligent, or does playing dumb improve one's chances?Should they be honest about their profession if it's one that is high in status, given that it might mean they are too competitive or challenging?Overall, then, there is a perception that there aren't many good men out there, and if a woman finds one, she doesn't want to place many demands on him because it might scare him off.The second issue is one centered on the women themselves.

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