Twilight edward and bella dating

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Edward led me to the arcade room and I instantly spotted Mike, Jessica, Tyler, Lauren, Eric, and Angela by the dance machine.

I didn't know they were here and this would mean instant questions from Jessica, glares from Lauren, and looks from all the guys. "Great" I whispered and Edward laughed "Do you want to leave? "No" I said, it had taken me forever to convince him to come, I wasn't going to let my friends ruin it.

" I asked as we walked out with my friends right behind me "Um, not in my family, Rosalie's the car addict, Alice's the girly one, Emmet's the tough one, and Jasper's the serious one" he said and I heard Mike murmur behind us "So what is he, the annoying one? Edward turned to glare at him and Mike looked down.

" she asked curious, but not like Jessica was, not like she was looking for gossip but more like she wanted to know.

"Get the turbo, its probably best for every time you crash" he said and he laughed again.

I noticed everyone staring, some glaring, at us as the race started.

Edward was leaning against the motorcycle looking as good as ever with Mike, Tyler, and Eric glaring at him.

When I was in view Edward smiled and I took his hand "Please?

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